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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Enjoy Your Bachelorhood

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


"Are you a Gujarati?", was my immediate question after Kashyap told me his name. "No, I am a localite", said Kashyap proudly. All the Kashyaps I had met before were Gujjus and that was what had prompted me to ask him such a stupid question. At that time, little did I realise that this bastard was going to be included in my best friends list. He occupied the cube next to me and along with Lech and Keyur, who occupied neighbouring workstations, we formed a closely knit group of four. After pulling him into stocks, a reasonable percentage of our conversations would be about the markets. Kashy, as only the people close to him are entitled to call him, soon bettered Lech and me on the penny stocks front and his picks include the likes of the now delisted fraud company Mardia Chemicals and under 1 buck company SRG Infotech, which earned him reasonable dough in under one week. His untidy cube was his another characteristic. Thousands of printouts, tens of books, a few new shirts, a toothpaste, a torch, certificates and marksheets, passport, table tennis rackets, a water bottle, an original F1 flag, neckties and a hand crafted bamboo pen holder are amongst the few things that filled his cubicle.

Kashy has now quit. He has ended his 3 year long stint with the company and is now gone to UTD to pursue his MS. Kashy you have left a void in my life. Come back soon!

PS: Da, will show you Bombay the next time you come. It is much better when it doesn't rain :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


"Guoye, Guoyi, Guoyo", chanted Anish in his cubicle on a deserted Saturday afternoon. "That's just 30% right", shouted Guoyu who sat three cubicles away. Guoyu Wang is an intern from Shanghai who is working with us and no matter how hard we try it is next to impossible to pronounce his name. His Western classmates at his University call him Goyo and so do I when I don't feel like calling him G. Yes, I mostly call him just plain G. It is much simpler that way and the best part is that he doesn't mind. Having Gouyu here is fun. His description of Shanghai have convinced Anish and me to visit it atleast once in lifetime. This is apart from so many places he discussed with Anish that are worth visiting. In addition, we also got our names jotted down in Chinese. Chinese, I must admit, is quite pictorial and a beautiful script. But at the same time it must be pretty difficult to learn for someone who is not from China. I must state that it is not possible for me to write his name in Hindi. This is because of the reason that Hindi does not have the letters in its alphabet that are required to pronounce his name. All said, I have given up my efforts to twist my tongue in the required manner. I am sure Anish's efforts are on. But am sure he wont go beyond 30% correctness!