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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Neel Arurkar at Jog Falls, Karantaka, India Posted by Hello

Friday, November 12, 2004

%#UTI$@ Bank

Fill in the blanks please. Hint: It rhymes with UTI and is one of the most popular Hindi word. Well, I dont know whether they derive their attitude from this word or vice-versa.
That day I phoned them to enquire my account balance. I had never seen so unprofessional customer care executives(execs??). First of all the place was total chaos. Looks like my call was transferred to some branch and it was tea time there. I could hear people laughing loudly in the background. The person who picked my phone kept me on hold for a minute or so. No music. And if I am not wrong, I heard this very man speaking some unrelated stuff to his colleagues. I remembered my chemistry practicals at Ruia, where chemistry practicals used to be a picnic for all the chemistry lecturers there. Then this sahab asked me what I expected from him. I told him that I wanted to enquire my account balance and told him my account number. This person then within 15 seconds checked on his system and told me, " 3 rupees" and hung his phone. What surprised me was not only his lack of professionalism and mannerism but also he did not verify whether I was really Neel Arurkar. No address verification or whatsoever. Hard to believe that ICICI bank has a 40% stake in UTI. So very %#UTI$!.