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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Stare

I never stare at anyone unless that anyone stares at me. But this time, it was an exception. I was traveling in a bus from Bombay to Pune. I boarded the bus at 6 am and was looking forward to have a nice sleep in the bus. I got a back seat and was seated next to this guy who too was looking drowsy. As soon as the bus started, I pulled my eye-covers over my eyes and tried to fall asleep. And as I was about to fall asleep, I felt something hitting my head. It did not take much time to make out that the guy next to me had found a comfortable pillow in my head. I pulled out portion of the eye-cover over my left eye and stared at him. Had it been a girl with silky, smooth, soft and shampooed hair, then I might have been more considerate. But this guy certainly deserved that stare ;-) After this, things were fine for five minutes. Then this guy again started leaning on me. I could not take it any more. I pulled myself out of that reclining position, turned towards him and with the eye-covers still on stared for a good two seconds in a direction where I felt his face would be. Immediately I could hear him move and shift away from me. After that stare, for the entire journey, I had absolutely no problems.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Entertainer

After traveling half way standing, I finally got a seat. There were seats where I could sit in the aisle, fourth on a seat of three, with half my butt floating in air. This is the norm in Bombay local trains when you are traveling second class, but I always prefer a comfortable seat. Bang opposite to me sat a Gujarati family, merrily chatting oblivious to the hot and humid conditions in the compartment. With a pretty girl traditionally dressed, her mother looked at me with apprehensions as I rested my butt on the wooden seat. As I was unintentionally eavesdropping to their conversation, this melodious and captivating voice stole my attention. He sung Chadhta Suraj Dheere Dheere and I realised he must be none other than the guy my father mentioned atleast a few years ago. My father was all praises for this guy and he liked the way he sung that particular song. With my back to him I waited for him to come near me so that I could drop a coin. I do not remember doing that for any entertainer before, but this was a different case. He sung and sung but he never reached me. Finally when my station came and I got up from my seat, I got a chance to see him. Decently dressed and a bearded fellow, this guy was different than most greasy entertainers who you see in Bombay local trains. Playing his home made musical instruments and singing simultaneously, this guy did not ask for a entertainment fee as others do. It was time for me to get down. I got down. I did not drop the two buck coin. Just because I was lazy to walk a few steps. I am still feeling a bit guilty for it. After all, he entertained me and I enjoyed it. Sir, I promise you four bucks next time.

PS : The entertainers in local trains are often branded as beggars. I beg to differ.