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Monday, January 17, 2005

The Apple Cake

Possibly this is the first blog in which I am writing about an incident that did not happen to me, but to my friend, Ritesh Jain, who at this very moment is at Turkey and its his birthday today.So, happy birthday Ritesh. And just because, this is my blog,I will make it a point to include something about me. The common thing between Ritesh and me, is that we both celebrated the latest birthday, and possibly the only one, away from home. I celebrated my birthday at Pune during my first days at Infosys and because I was not assigned to any project then, celebrations were missing. The only person who remebered my birthday in my company was Sandeep Hegde and he does that for everyone, I clarify. Not that I wanted to be wished, but then I have to put on a stark contrast when I describe Ritesh's birthday celebs away from home.
Talking about Ritesh, he is a staunch vegetarian. I remember him thanking me profusely at St. Francis' canteen when I pointed out to him that meat was being served over there. So strict he is that he thought a thousand times before sipping water at my home, lest it be mixed with beef. So, eating a cake and trusting that it does not contain egg and that too in a country like Turkey, where I am sure that finding a pure veg restaurant is quite a task, was going to be difficult for Ritesh. And I am sure, it was no easy task for the employees at BOTAS finding a veg birthday cake for the birthday boy. And they didnt want to let the occasion go by, without a cake being cut. So, a vegetarian cake was cut. It was an apple with a candle on the top. It indeed is going to be one of the most cherished birthday in Ritesh's life.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Meeting the founder

Well, I have met founders of many companies. Infact, I am one of the co-founder of a company called Engi**** Edutainments. If you dont know what the 4 stars stand for, you need not worry. You dont need to know it. Just to clarify, its not that 4 lettered word which begins with an 'F'. The other founders, I dont remember, but this one was different. He was the co-founder of Infosys Technologies Ltd and before you start guessing, let me clarify that he wasnt Nandan or Murthy. He was S.Gopalkrishnan, popularly called as Kris at Infy. The event was HiPC 2004 ( and the venue was Taj Residency, Bangalore. Kris had just given his inaugral speech and after all other speakers had finished, he was leaving the hall. We did not intend to speak to him, but then, we did not want to let him go without letting him know that we were representing Infosys at the conference. We had a small chat with him. He said he would love to see Infy steal a place in the top 500 grid list. And yes, I shook hands with him too. Nothing to boast of I know. But then, its good to meet people whom you admire.

Shriman Shrimati Laughter

First blog of this year is about the first movie I saw this year. By the first movie, I mean the first movie I saw in a theatre this year. After we have bought a second hand TV here at Bangalore, I have seen more movies than I had ever seen before. Also worth mentioning is that it was my first movie at PVR, Bangalore.
The movie was Dil Mange More. Sick Movie. I really fail to understand how someone can make such a movie, and how people like such movies. Infact, one of the guys who liked the movie was sitting next to me and sits next to me in my cube. That is, he says that the movie was TP.
But this is not why I wanted to blog this. If I start writing blogs about flop movies, the number would be far greater than the number of posts I have made till date. The thing that I noticed was that people were laughing at top of their voices for no joke at all. Do you not remember that Shriman Shrimati type laughter, where you could here loud laughter in chorus for something as inhumorous as ringing a door bell. And yes, it made you laugh, didnt it? Same here. Some guys in the hall, laughed like they were being tickled for no reason at all. And it made everyone in the hall laugh. All that I can say about such people is that either they have a stupid sense of humour or they were hired.