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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The story of the yellow pocket.

That day when I saw that one pocket of my grey pants was white while the other(the right pocket) was yellow, it was time to go to the root cause behind this. It wasnt easy. I couldnt think of anything which could make just one of your pocket yellow. Then I started monitoring all activities I did when I was wearing these grey pants. After spending some time I finally realised that it was the because of the damn handkerchief, which I keep in my right pocket ( well grandfather used to scold me when I kept it in the right pocket...but now this has been a habit and I remember him when I want to use it while having food). The wet hanky used to stain my white pockets. Well dont know what chemical reactions took place. But this was the damn reason. So from that day, I always use the paper napkin(damn the ecosystem) when I wear these grey pants. And, that yellow pocket aint yellow any more. I put it to my maid who washed my pants. Na..she couldnt do away with the stain. Finally, I took the project under me and washed it myself. Now it shines like the left pocket.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Commission makes the world go round...

Today I came back from a trip to Kodaikanal/Kerala. The places were very beautiful. I not only studied the ecology but also the economy. Everything was costly except for the ten rupee monkey cap which I bought at Coakers Walk. Probably the reason for keeping it cheap might be that it was not that necessary if it didnt cost that much. And people I guess bought it more as a momento rather than a utility. But this is just demand-supply economy. What baffled me was how people pull business. Customer is not the king. But the guy who is able to provide you with customers is the king. And can you guess who these brokers are? The drivers, tourist guides which you hire. We hired a tempo traveller to Kodai and this is what the hotel owner of our Ruby Cottage told the driver when he was having his free lunch, " we look after drivers first and then the tourists. After all if we treat you well, you will get us more business." Our driver, Mr. Murty, a first timer to Kodai confessed this to us. Not only this. He was offered 24% of the purchase of chocolates/oils/momentos etc made at a particular shop. For this he was given a printed card with his name written on it. And oh...let me speak about our tourist guide. When we could not understand his name. He told us, " its paneer..khane ka paneer". He recommended a sick hotel to us and this guy was not frank as Murthy to admit what he would be getting in return. ( Note that Murthy visited Kodai for the first time and he would be getting commissions from the next time) The owner of the hotel and 'Paneer' talked as if they were childhood friends. And yes, the boatman at the backwaters of Kerala was an agent too. I bet my ......... on it. But then having the food on an island was fun. And it was great too. Nice authentic Keral food, prepared by some local Keralite family. And this was the first time the coconut oil didnt suck. Probably because I never had authentic Keral food before.
These were the few memories of these places which I couldnt capture on the cam. Had to pen down them here. Probably they might just help you or even me when we start a new business venture.