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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Don't Look At My Finger. Look Where I Point.

This happened a few months ago. It was a busy afternoon at Churchgate, Bombay. The office goers were rushing towards their offices after lunch. The students were rushing too. Perhaps to the movie halls. And everyone, except me ofcourse, was rushing. I was roaming around leisurely in that lovely area when I heard the cries of "Jor Laga Ke Heisha". This is the typical cry of workers who are engaged in heavy activities like moving heavy machinery. When I looked around, I found about 10 workers engaged in moving a huge plastic water tank atop a six storey building. And then I looked around again and was surprised that there was no one interested in looking at how that was done. The workers had neatly hooked the tank to a rope which passed over a pulley(two would have been better I guess..) and then into the hands of the workers. On the top, was just a single guy who stood there without doing anything, but it was important that he was there. This guy, I suppose, was the Project Manager ;-) As the tank went up and up, I looked around. There now was a small rush along with me engaged in looking at this activity. The new entrants who joined the crowd, first looked at people and then turned their heads in the direction where the crowd's heads were focused. People need someone to direct them. Don't Look At My Finger. Look Where I Point.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

100th Post!

It was 99 till now. And now this is the 100th. It took more than a month to write the 100th post and I assure you that there is nothing special about it. Yes, the only assuarance that comes along with this 100th post is that, I will be back. I will be blogging atleast once a week starting today.

I had moved to Pune a few months ago and now I have moved to Bangalore for a few months again. This was one of the reasons I kept away from blogging. I was busy with multiple things, but I am sticking to one post per week...atleast.