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Monday, October 30, 2006

Pav Bhaji

You may call it Pav Bhaji or Bhaji Pav, depending on where you have it. If it is on the roadside, it is called the latter. And when I was in Bangalore, the roadside option was never available, because it is a typical Bombay dish. So, I always had to opt for the hygienic version. Let not the 'always' in the above sentence misguide you that I always had Pav Bhaji. I simply love idlis and dosas and I used to have it endlessly during the time I spent there, but for a change, I used to go for PB. One such PB was ordered for by my friends and me at Jayanagar 4th Block, at a restaurant whose name I fail to recollect. It tasted good. But just as we were half done with it, we discovered an inch long cockroach being kind of camouflaged in the brown coloured Bhaji. My friend, in whose plate the roach was found, seemed to be angrier than us all and in his anger he forgot that all the bhaji must have been prepared at one go. I was calm and did not bother much until I heard the half hearted sorries of the waiter. Much much later and during my last days in Bangalore, I ordered for a PB at Anna Kuteera at Banashankari. This PB too was tasty. And just as I finished half of it, I discovered an army of ants sandwitched in my Pav(Bread). According to my estimates, I must have eaten not less than a score of ants. I marched to the manager. This manager, unlike the waiter in the previous case, apologised from the bottom of his heart. I could see the sincerity in his apology overflowing through his eyes. I let him go with replacement of just the bread, though I had the chance to order for any dish on the menu!
Now, I should try out the BP some day. On the streets of Bombay. I would not have any problems in accepting the hygiene standards for sure.