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Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Extra Hot To Medium

YouTube should unilaterally take all the blame for making me feel drowsy at workplace. Without any second thoughts, I convict YouTube of turning the computer into an idiot box and me into an idiot- an idiot so engrossed in the content uploaded by fellow idiots, that before some sense got into him, it would be well past midnight. Subu, my pal at workplace, was another victim of this wicked website. Now, we were determined to write that damn code but the freaking lack of sleep was a big problem. Intervention from caffeine was unavoidable. Midway between breakfast and lunch we would barge into the break room, only to find a whole lot of people suffering from functional impairment,potentially due to late night YouTubing, thrusting their coffee mugs into the machine. Now what the machine puked was pure mud water, but let me not be disrespectful and call it coffee for two reasons-it contained caffeine and it was free! However, with all the politeness, I have to admit that after a couple months my eyes, lips and olfactory cells revolted in unison as the drink approached them. My tongue partnered with them and refused to cultivate the taste. Subu and me had to graduate to Seattle's Best Coffee. At SBC, the cashier would accept our order and pass it to the barista. Subu would almost always order a latte and I would almost always go in for a cappuccino. And we always wanted it extra-hot- for if we forgot to mention that, our coffee would be a warm as horse's pee I assume would be. After placing the order one fine day, I realized I did not mention extra-hot. "Make that extra-hot please", I said. "Same here", Subu added. "Sure", said the cashier to us and then turned to the barista and shouted loudly and clearly so that all the people in the queue could hear, "Both Of Them Are Extra-Hot...". Sure we are dudette. That day as we proudly marched to our workstations, we were grinning from ear to ear and beyond. The grins lasted well beyond the coffee. Needless to say, that was the best coffee I have ever had. From that day onwards, the hunks awaited their coffee break even more eagerly. Not for ever however. "What size", asked the cashier as we placed our orders a couple of weeks later. "Medium",said Subu. "Same here",said Neel. A large coffee was never my cup of tea, but for the first time I regretted not ordering one as she shouted loudly and clearly, "Both Of Them Are Medium..."