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Monday, May 14, 2007

Game Of Chase : I Resign

Yes, that's me standing in front of the magnificent Golden Temple. I managed to squeeze Amritsar in my schedule during my recent trip to Himachal, the land of the Gods. But writing about the trip is not the reason behind posting the snap here. Just check how fat I look. And that exactly is the reason why I gave up. Na, I have not given up relishing on cheese. I gave up the chase.
Saturday evening, I was at Shivaji Park with Abhiroop, sitting on the parapet talking things that make little sense. Just then a cab halted on the opposite side of the road. Cabs do stop there every now and then, but there was too much movement in this case so as not to notice. Four guys got out of the cab and started running in different directions. The cabbie got out too and started running behind them. Yes, he ran in different directions too. First, a few steps backwards and then a few steps forward. It was funny. And needless to say, he could not catch hold of anyone. The guys, I assume, were running away after not paying the fare. And one of these guys happened to run in my direction. A proactive citizen fully aware about duties and responsibilities, I ran to grab him. In the first few steps itself, I lay my hands on his shirt, but it slipped out. This prompted the thief(am fed up of calling him a guy) to run faster and after a chase of about hundred metres, even though I was not tired, I gave up. I gave up because I could extrapolate that there was no way in which the fat do-gooder could catch up with the thin thief. Giving up the chase right there saved so much trouble for both of us. It made little sense to run until exhaustion when the outcome was pretty clear. In a game of chess, grandmasters resign without dragging the game any further. The game of chase, I believe, should be no different. Though I am not as fat as I look in the picture and whatever plumpness you see is attributable to the stupid photographer and stupider photography skills, a few extra pounds need to be shed, is what I learnt from this chase. I need to spend some time in the gym. The next time, I am going to grab the bastard by his collar after a good 500 metre chase, deliver a blow right on his nose to vent out the frustration of this defeat, pull him back all the way to the cab by his hair and fling him on the bonnet of the car for the cabbie to deliver justice. But this time, I had to retreat and accept my defeat.
I walked back to Abhiroop. The cabbie drove away without thanking me. He must be in search of his next customer. And I continued with talks that make little sense glancing once in a while at the pretty young things walking past...